Bold simplicity to amplify your true self

Welcome to my online home I am so happy you are here.

Individually chosen jewelry, far away from the masses, reflects your personality and becomes a deeply connected part of your life. It puts a smile on your face and shows the world, that you are treating yourself like a true friend. It symbolizes charisma, self-esteem and the strength to face your very own path.

I create graceful and distinctive pieces with a minimalist twist inspired by vintage glamour since 2013, empowering women to be their beautiful, bit quirky self.

I have many customers, who became friends and many friends who are customers.
Friends are honest, encouraging and authentic as well as kind, forgiving and patient with eachother. Imagine a world, where everyone dares to be themselves, because they are surrounded by good friends. Facing even strangers as friends, will make this world a better place. So I came up with this little game, in order to practice random acts of kindness. You can become a member of the True Friends Society here.

Jewelry is detail